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Thursday, June 15, 2006 


Minden, NE Jump 23 miles. Windy, warm. Grass lot.


Wow, eleven weeks have gone by and I have learned so much. Many people have helped with education along the way. Iron Eyes Cody said, “Who can own a rock, who can own a treee? Only the Great Spirit.” I’ve put my foot in my mouth a few times here on the circus, and it’s taught me that there are times when it’s best to be seen and not heard., or not seen at all. I’ve learned who I can talk to, who I can hand out with; but mostly I’m learning how to have fun with my job. I’ve discovered that people can be very different in place to place and community to community and I have to respect those differences. I can handle situations now that would have baffled me last winter. I’m still not perfect but all in all I’m wising up.

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