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Monday, June 12, 2006 


McCook, NE. Jump 110 miles. Grass lot. Overcast and warm.

McCook NE looms large in the story of the Carson & Barnes Circus. Sometime before 1920 Mr. Obert Miller, a painter by trade took his young sons D.R. and Kelly to McCook to see a circus. The name of that circus is forgotten, though given the location it could easily have been the Sells – Floto Circus, based in Denver and in those days quite possibly the best circus in America. Two decades later Mr. Miller and his sons would found the Miller Family Circus, later called Al G Kelly Miller, and later still the Carson & Barnes Circus. D.R. Miller would go on to become one of the most successful circus owners of all time, and eighty years after he heard “doors” in McCook he would see his very last circus in the same town on the day he passed away. McCook will always be a part of the show.

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