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Sunday, June 11, 2006 

Eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska continue to be difficult for any kind of sustained wireless internet connection. We’ll catch up on the photos when we have some speed. Here’s are the jumsp we’ve made these last few days:

Crawford to Valentine 160 miles. Grass lot, warm and windy. In 1997 we had a blow down on the Valentine lot.

Valentine to Scottsbluff. 212 miles. Grass lot. Warm. Thunderstorms.

Scottsbluff to Torrington, WY. Crushed gravel lot. Tight squeeze. Warm. Thunderstorms. We had three inches of water in the tent for the first show. One of our Asian Rock Pythons laid 31 eggs. A first for us.

Torrington to Ogalallah, NE 160 miles. Grass lot. Warm. Tomorrow we jump to McCook, NE the town where in a sense it all started for us about 90 years ago when D.R. Miller saw his first circus there. A lifetime later Mr. Miller passed away on the circus lot when his own show played the same town.

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