Monday, May 14, 2012 

Long, long year. The last pictures are this blog are dated May 2011 when Vidbel's Circus came to Ithaca to the Shops at the Mall. Three days ago Vidbel's came back again for five shows, two on Friday, and three on Saturday. It was nice to see a circus tent. Although I spent a week on Kelly Miller in July of last year, I chose not to blog about it. A few bits and pieces of news worth mentioning... Settled in Ithaca, NY area late in 2009 largely to enroll son Robin in high school after an academic year of home schooling on the road. On June the 23rd he will graduate. In August he's off to College of Environmental Science at Syracuse University on a pre-law track. If one is forced to spend several years as a "towner" it's nice when it all works out as planned. On a sadder note, friend Dave Huntington passed away yesterday. Dave was an Indiana welder out of high school before the draft sent him off to Viet Nam. After the Army he worked carnivals, eventually enrolled in an electrical engineering program, bought a drive-in movie theater, then at one time of another managed most of the cinemas in the southern Finger Lakes. Dave was the guy to call if you needed to coax a few few more weeks out of a three-phase generator, or wanted an original diagram for a kiddie scrambler. He was the last union projectionist in Tompkins County -- when there were union projectionists -- and since he was diagnosed with a tumor a year ago I have been "covering" his job, and doing it poorly. Anyway, it's May and the world is green and I miss the circus. And I will try not to0 let too many days pass before posting again.