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Monday, June 05, 2006 


Wheatland, WY. 70 miles. Grass lot. 86 F under a cloudless blue sky.

The 24 hour man broke down just as me made Wheatland. A 24 hour man travels a day ahead of the show, arrowing the route, doing a rough layout on the lot, arranging for delivery of animal feed, dumpsters, or port-a-johns; arranging last minute permits, and assuring local hosts that the circus will indeed arrive the very next day. Now our 24 man is without wheels for a day. Driving a rental car and no doubt feeling at a loss behind the wheel of something that doesn’t require a quart of motor oil every seventy-five miles and grease stains up to the elbows. Circus is not about clean nails. Not on a mudshow.


A note on Cheyenne. A week ago a guy nmaed John phoned the show office in California and said that he wanted to ask his girlfriend to marry him during our 4:30 performance on Sunday afternoon. We put the ring in a radio used in a clown skit and the affair came off without a hitch. Best of luck John and Jenifer.

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