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Wednesday, June 07, 2006 

Crawford, Nebraska. Jump 165 miles. Weather, balmy. Today we moved from Wyoming into Nebraska. After three shows in Casper and a long jump arriving on a green lot in a small town was a pleasure. Today we were visited by a film crew from Nebraska Public Television, and with the, Dr. Mike Voorhies an authority on elephants. Here's the ctach. Dr Voorhies is an authority on North American elephants, species extincy for the past 10,000 years. The hills of Nebraska were once rich with Mastodons, the best known of the American Elephants. Today, for a little while, elephants lived here again grazing in the tall grass in a field beside a golf course. For Dr Voories our Asian elephants aren't just natural curiosities, they a living connection to a far away past. Several weeks ago an anti-circus activist said to me, "If elephants become extinct, it's natural." I would argue, if elepjants become extinct we lose not only a piece of our present and future, we lose a reminder of the past.

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