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Monday, June 05, 2006 

Hiatus. Four days without the Internet. Sometimes I am reminded that we aren’t quite as “wired” as we think. From Rock Springs, WY the show jumped 100 miles to a dirt lot in Rawlins. The weather remained almost perfect. Along the I-80 corridor in Wyoming we seem to be either a few weeks ahead of or a few weeks behind the Jordan World Circus’s small “rodeo unit,” an outdoor circus framed to play in front of the grandstand on rodeo grounds. A billposter in Rawlins was putting up Jordan paper when we rolled into town. Once upon a time American circuses engaged in fierce street battles over “paper” as show competed to play the same cities. The costly wars assured that no one would make any money in a contested town, no matter how popular the offering. The last real litho war was waged in Texas more than twenty years ago when the legendary Cliff Vargas put his fabled circus up against a Feld Entertainment Ice Show in a battle for paper supremacy.

From Rawlins we moved another 100 miles to play a lot and license date in Laramie. Again we were in the dirt. On any giving day our mechanics find and fix up to four trucks broken down along the highway. With the long jumps here in the west, some days it’s early afternoon before every vehicle is on the lot.

From Laramie we jumped sixty miles into Cheyenne, WY for the weekend. The grass grows greener, the days longer. In two weeks we’ll be in Iowa.

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