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Tuesday, June 09, 2009 

Monday. Newport, WA. 35 miles. Mowed field. Cold rain. Tomorrow we leave WA for Idaho, though we return one more time later in the week. Yesterday I ate up my 4th alternator this season. New alternator isn’t working, so my battery was dead, dead, dead when I made the lot today. Slogging through the rain for more parts this afternoon.

Rumor is that Kelly Miller is or will be sitting idle on a fairgrounds in the northeast with two open days. Open days on a show that size with a pretty big nut are painful. Imagine that Mr. Royal and Mr. North aren’t pleased with breakdown in booking that’s led to too many open days or travel days this mid-season. Suspect that sorting out booking is probably a priority there.

Playing catch up.

From Oroville, five miles from the Canadian border on Friday – another very hot day – we jumped over the passes on Saturday to picturesque Republic, WA….About sixty miles playing in a mowed field in the mining town, It was high school graduation and business suffered. The heat finally broke. On Sunday we jumped 100 miles over high passes into suburban Spokane where we played on grass in a city park in Deer Park. Another quiet day. Several people took our clown out to dinner for her 29th birthday… officially on Tuesday.

I am pleased to report that the show is performing today, and so far this season the only days off have been Easter Sunday, Mother's Day, and our annual East ward travel day. Keeping the show booked is always a challenge, but so far we are working. To paraphrase Mark Twain, the reports of our idleness.......

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