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Friday, June 05, 2009 

Friday. Oroville, WA. 45 miles. Grass. Very hot.

We're three miles from the Canadian border today. Our internet problems the past weeks have gotten worse as we've moved north making it tough to dial in the dish signal. Slow speeds anddifficulty logging on to secure sites. For me it's just hard to post or upload pictures. For the show itself it's virtually impossible to process credit cards. Time for a technology upgrade.

Surprisingly strong business this week. The second show yesterday we literally had to turn people away. Circus is alive and well in this part of WA when you have a good host and the advance is working.

June 7 2009

You just left Deer Park travelling to Newport, with many happy patrons delighted with your sincere performances. Skeeter, the amazing advance clown, was fortunate to be able to meet with children of all ages June 1, delighting our community during her short visit.

Yes, local copper wire dial-up internet is the most predictable connection which can be frustrating to travelling businesses. Newport will have better internet service thanks to the Pend Oreille PUD/community coordination.

Thanks once more for your visit with our hopes for your return in two years.

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