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Thursday, May 21, 2009 

Gervais, OR.  15 miles.  Grass.  Sunny.  Perfect circus weather.

Pictures this weekend, I swear.

Twenty-eight years ago yesterday, or today, or tomorrow Jim "BJ" Hebert picked up the phone in Ohio and called Big John Strong in California and asked for a job as a clown.  A few days later he was on the plane to LA.  Three years on Big John Strong, a season with Wayne Franzen, employee number One on Culpepper.  He hasn't missed a season, blown a show, or ever wanted to be anywhere but on a circus.  Pretty impressive resume for a kid from Kent State University who decided one day to go to Clown College.

What a wonderful thing to say about BJ after all of these years...talk about a loyal person...he has been with it and for it for loe these many years and he's still at it today. I consider him a true showman and Im glad to call him my Culpepper friend...ask him his opinion why Culpepper doesnt have a new tent...lol...

Lauren Fairchild-Dubsky
(I keep forgetting to add the new Dubsky part to me name...)

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