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Wednesday, May 27, 2009 

Several days without much internet exploring the Washington coast.  Have some great pictures but connection too slow to post. CM played three towns over the Memorial Day Weekend.


Kalama, WA.  20 miles. Mowed field.  Clear, cool.


Quiet town just off the I-5.


Cathlamet, WA. 40 miles.  Grass.  Foggy, then clear.  Cool.


Better day than Kalama, but holidays are always a roll of the dice with people traveling.


Long Beach, WA.  55 miles.  Gravel.  Clear, cool.  We had a great day in Long Beach catching the tourists and locals alike.  Show was right on the beach.  Big houses.  First circus to visit in 30 years.  My kid Robin went surfing.


Westport, WA.  80 miles.  Asphalt.  Rain. 


Westport is an active fishing town and folks aren’t afraid of a bit of rain.  Good shows.  Our “new” generator went back to the shop for more repairs and we’re towing around a rental again.



Raymond, WA. 35 miles.  Grass.  Sunny, mild. Last of the coastal towns.  The guys who are building wooden props (tent poles etc.) for the upcoming movie shoot Water For Elephants came by for a visit and a bit of research.  Same gentlemen built props for Disney’s three Pirates of the Caribbean  films.

Yelm, WA. 85 miles.  Grass.  Sunny.  Warm.  

In spite of your internet problems as you say, your posted photos look good. Thanks for the effort.
Whats the deal with the male lion?
A cat act or menagerie specimen?

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