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Sunday, May 31, 2009 

Friday.  Eatonville, WA.  25 miles.  Mowed field.  Sunny, warm.

Finally found cat meat just outside Olympia.

Because I've been asked -- here's the order of acts on CM as we approach the halfway point in our season.

1-- Cats presented by Trey Key
2-- Trapeze Miss Simone
3-- Rola Bola Miss April
4 -- Jessi Wopnderfool Clown  -- How to Get A Man
5-- Quick Change with Stephanie and David
6-- Dykes family Unicucle
7-- Miss Jessi comedy juggling
8-- Birds of Paradise Miss Paulina
9-- Comedy aerial hammock with Jessi Wonderfool
10-- High wire Cappy and Annette.

Fiest half also includes a peanut pitch with the arena comes down and a coloring book pitch after Quick Change.

With 10 acts how long is the program not counting intermission???
Thank you very much for listing the program.

Show runs 90 min. Intermission about 10 min.

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