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Friday, June 12, 2009 

Friday. Palouse, WA. 60 miles. Grass. Sunny, warm.

We’re back in Washington for one day, near Moscow, Idaho. Long jumps tomorrow through Monday into Montana. Yesterday, St. Maries proved to be another good day with strong business.

Thursday. June 11th. St Maries, ID. 100 miles. Grass. Sunny, warm. Mostly long jumps for the next couple weeks…including some very, very long jumps across Montana and Wyoming next week. Good presale here. Should be another excellent day. Still waiting for the kind of reliable internet connection that will allow me to post more pictures.

Wednesday. Sandpoint, ID. 40 miles. Grass. Cool. Sunny. Lot and license date at fairgrounds. Two years ago CM played here and had a big day. Carson & Barnes played the area last year. Nice to be a few blocks from Walmart.

ADDENDUM: Both shows were good.

Further notes. According to the cat guy on Kelly Miller the empty dates that have been reported have been filled and Kelly Miller is doing fantastic business in New Jersey before heading into New England with a stop and dates at the Big E. Great news. Kelly Miller is still the cream of the crop as far as traditional tented circus goes this season and kudos to Mr. North, Mr. Royal and company for getting it down the road.

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