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Saturday, August 16, 2008 

In the news... Latest "Bigfoot" carcass proves to be something rather normal and mundane after DNA testing...

But that doesn't mean we don't all love a bit of great fakery.

Circus was once the place of sideshows after all. (Though the best today plays fairs and rodeos.)

But lately I've been thinking about the real mastery of such fakery, gaff maker Homer Tate. Lacking the modern materials of current artists, or the taxidermy skills of those now craeting Nature's mistakes, Mr. Tate produced gaffs that made money on circuses and carnivals for forty years. What would Mr. Tate have thought of the latest "Bigfoot?" Nothing special. With a little toilet paper and some sawdust and paint you can create anything.

I just LOVE the gaffs like those of Mr. Tate. I firmly believe that an enterprising showman can frame one of these today and mint some coin (even with diesel north of $4).

There were two single-Os on the Murphy Bros. midway at the WI State Fair. "World's Smallest Woman" and "Snake Girl" going for $1/pop.

With toilet paper, sawdust, and paint some created a Circus. And some are having to answer for it today.
Be safe friend,

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