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Tuesday, August 12, 2008 

August 9th, 2008. Plymouth, MI. 12 miles. Grass. Cool. Scattered showers.

Excellent business both yesterday in Redford and today in Plymouth. Awakened this morning to a slight chill in the summer dawn. It’s only August, but this is Michigan, and Canada is a scant few miles away. In a few weeks the first geese will fly through Michigan to the north, migrating south. The chill portends something that will be finite in a few more weeks, late summer then early autumn. A circus season I think is a bit like the old legends of the Fisher King a great seasonal monarch, a being of magic born in the late winter and wounded and laid to rest when the frost returns. We chased the summer through rains and floods and late snows back in March. We found it in May. Come September it will leave us and even in August we can feel that. A month from now we will know what this season was about and in the weeks that follow that until closing a circus is about winter and what follows.

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