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Saturday, August 16, 2008 

August 15th, 2008. Merrill, MI. 95 miles. Tight lot. Mowed field. Scattered showers. Cool.

Yesterday in Port Austin we had a celeb visitor, musician Jack White of White Stripes fame. Overall since leaving the general Detroit area business has been slow. Today we jumped nearly 100 miles into mid-Michigan. Myrna Silverlake the show cook mentioned this morning that she had spotted a maple tree with it’s leaving changing color. “I guess it’s fall,” she said.

Hello Ben:
It was good talking to you in Flushing the other day! Yes, Port Austin is really a beautiful place.I had a gig at a casino Friday and couldn't make the performances in Merrill ( My Home town) I will however Catch the show on Aug 20. I will have all my grandkids with me. The show is just great this year, I hope everyone gets out and attends the Kelly Miller Circus when it comes to their town.

Rod Pringle

hello ben:

One other note about Merrill. The last circus to play there was in 1962 it was FAMOUS COLE CIRCUS Bob Couls owned it at that time, it was the old Herb Walters show. The lot was a large mowed field, but as time and sprawl took its tole, a very large baseball diamond and city park were built on the circus lot in the meantime, Modern times seem to be taking more and more circus lots.

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