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Thursday, August 14, 2008 

August 13th, Cass City, MI. 70 miles. Grass. Overcast. Cool.

Light business.

Casey Cainan added the leap frog to his tiger act today. With three hind leg cats in a four cat act it appears that the old notion that it takes “special” cat for this kind of trick may be less true than many people think. It takes a “special” cat when you have a lot of cats to choose from. When you have only a few cats it looks like they can all be taught to be hind leg cats with enough practice.

That goat boy has 3 hind leg tigers also proves that anyone can train them

I can see your real knowledgeable. And don't call Timmy "the goat boy!!!"
Wade Burck


Wait was that shoe for me???

I didn't pick it up, I was sure it was for someone else. There surely are several people with three, rite anonymous? You prolly have three, I just figure it is a trick, like any other trick. Don't all cat acts have one? Anonymous, please send me a picture of your hind leg walking tigers and or lions, I love seeing them.

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