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Saturday, August 16, 2008 


August, 16th, 2008. Edmore, MI. 38 miles. Mowed field. Warm, clear skies.

Quiet yesterday. To date rural small town MI isn't giving us business the way the Detroit suburbs did.

Hello Ben,
My name is Logan Jacot I worked for the Lewis and Clark Circus this season as a fire eater and I hosted the Lewis and Clark Bengal Tiger Encounter. Anyways I have been thinking about builiding a pro-animal website for the circus industry for some time now. I think one is crucial if we are going to win this battle. From my experience most circus protestors get their information from PETA's infamous circuses.com so if we had something to rival that site where people could get information for the studies done on circus animals and see photos and videos of circus animals interacting with their trainers the tides might start to change. I am willingy to donate the money and time for the project but I will need and want help from others within the industry. What are your thoughts? Before I do anything I would like to get as many opinions/advice from the circus industry as I can. If you would like you can send me an e-mail at contort08@yahoo.com.

Take care,
Logan Jacot

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