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Sunday, August 24, 2008 

August 24th, 2008. Knox, IN. 75 miles. Central Time Zone. Grass. Warm

Strong business yesterday in Middlebury, most Amish crowd. As in the Ohio Amish communitities the box office is strong, but circus-goers haven’t been clued in to the secret of the circus business for the last hundred years, that we put on a show to sell popcorn and elephant rides. Sell enough corn and floss and the show could be free. Seriously though, it speaks to the strength of the 2008 edition of KM and to the hard work of John Ringling North II, Jim Royal, and John Moss that the excellence of this circus itself goes far beyond something cobbled together to hawk peanuts.

We are back in the Central Time Zone and will be for the rest of the season. A few flocks of Canadian Geese could be seen flying south tody and small town billboards advertise upcoming fall harvest festivals in September. On the Culpepper show where I started this year when it was still winter in the north in five and a half weeks the showwill end its year back home..

It’s said in the heyday of Peru, IN the circus trains would stop a few miles outside of town and fire up the Calliope and steam in the train sheds playing Home In Indiana at the end of the year. This section of our route includes old Franzen towns, and Hoxie towns and Fisher Bros towns. Indiana is rich in old shows that came here every year.

Small crowds in Knox. There’s a carnival here in town too.

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