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Saturday, August 23, 2008 

August 22nd, 2008. Edwardsburg, MI. 40 miles. Field. Hot, overcast, rain.

Even the rains can barely keep the dust down in this mowed hayfield. This is an old Frazen Bros town just north of Elkhart, IN. As we finish out Michigan in the next few days you can feel the pull of Indiana, for many years the greatest circus state of them all.. We’re a couple hours north of Peru, once the heart of the Golden Age of the traditional circus and the home to the greatest, the best shows of them all. Hagenbeck Wallace, then Sells Floto too, and finally up the road in Rochester the 1930’s Cole show. Peru, home of Ben Wallace, as much a Godfather of the great American circus as W.W. Cole, or Mr. Coup, as Mr. Bailey, or the brothers Ringling.

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