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Friday, May 09, 2008 

May 8th, Kearney, MO. 35 miles. Grass lot. Warm. Good presale. Replacement tiger props arrived from Hugo. Excellent business in Platte City yesterday continued in Kearney today.

The CM Circus has completed one-third of its 2008 season. Thus far business has been good despite the economic recession and high fuel prices. Whether this good fortune will continue into the summer remains to be seen. One possible explanation for strong ticket sales is the idea that circus represents affordable entertainment, while theme parks etc – more expensive entertainment – can no longer be justified in the family budget. An elephant ride is bargain compared to some coaster admissions.

Glad to have you back! I enjoy the daily vicarious experience of outdoor showbiz.

It's also encouraging to hear that business is holding up. The American public is genuinely spooked by the current economic pressures -- the entertainment value and escape offered by mud shows should be welcomed with open arms.

It will be interesting to learn how the fair business shapes up later this summer. Take care!

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