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Wednesday, May 07, 2008 

May 6th Lexington, MO. 40 miles. Grass lot in park in lovely town. Poor pre-sale. Lackluster gate. Walker Bros. played this same lot ten months ago. Almost 1/3rd of the way through the season tensions are arising – something that can happen on any show, large or small. The test of any season, above and beyond the business end of things is how tensions resolve themselves. Some very good shows have seen seasons ruined by the natural animosity that bubbles over in July and August. Here things have come to a head a bit earlier. Owners successful or otherwise are tested by how tensions are resolved. With all of the pressures associated with moving the show every day things snap. After driving five hundred miles from Texas Shane Johnson was ordered off the lot today. He took his cat props and loading ramps. We loaded the cats out with a forklift last night. Two animal grooms went with him. Shane is a nice guy, and so is CM owner Trey Key. Hard not to believe that this might have been resolved pacifically.