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Friday, April 25, 2008 

Norman...Or...What an animal groom looks like moments before he blows the show.

Some people blow the show because they're tired, or discouraged, or they've reached the town where they were headed, or they miss home, or because somehow they feel that they haven't been appreciated. Norman was here for a couple weeks and I suppose he'll tell his children about the job he had feeding the tigers.

A contracted act is obligated to stay with a show so long as the terms of the contract are met. For a working guy, the circus is just a job. It's hard work. There's no dishonor in leaving for something easier, or because you're unhappy, or if you disagree with management. In another town there will be another kid who wants to join up.

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is that a shop truck behind him??

or a un-painted show truck???

Mechanic's private truck.

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