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Wednesday, May 07, 2008 

Internet service went down with a dish problem during our last date in Illinois in Dupo. Jumps over the week that followed were:

April 30 Wellsville, Missouri 98 miles grass lot at the high school.
May 1st Farber, Missouri 21 miles. Mowed corn field
May 2nd Paris, Missouri 36 miles. Grass Lot
May 3rd, Glasglow Missouri, 62 miles. Riverfront Park
May 4th Slater, MO. 13 miles. Grass lot

Business was good in all towns except Paris. Wellsville was probably the strongest day we’ve had all season. Incredible work by the host in selling out all advanced sale tickets. Host in Farber also did an extraordinary job. Three tiger cubs were born in Glasglow – two white males and a tabby female.