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Thursday, January 27, 2011 

January 25th. Freeville, NY.

On Sunday the temperatures in the Fingers Lakes of Upstate New York found it difficult to climb above zero degrees F, before plunging to almost minus 20 degrees F after nightfall. Sunday afternoon Billy Martin brought his Cole All-Star Circus to Penn Yan, NY, hometown of the show’s original owner James M. Cole. In winter Mr. Martin’s Olean based All-Star circus braves snow, and ice, and cold temps bringing circus to gyms, auditoriums, and community centers across the state. Unfortunately we missed the Penn Yan show when the Camry took one look at the temps and declined to start. Maybe next time. Meanwhile, the good news is, although it may be late January, Spring is coming. In Oklahoma the Kelly Miller Circus loads up soon for the long jump to Brownsville, Texas and a new season opening the second week in February. Shrine dates are underway here and there, Hispanic shows are open in TX and California, and in seven or eight weeks other tent shows will start the new season shaking off the sleep of winter-quarters and heading down the road. It’s 2011 and the circus is coming to town.

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