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Thursday, January 27, 2011 

January 24th, 2011. Freeville, NY

Eighteen below zero at 7AM. Ouch! Looking out the window it was hard not to think that winter has gone on long enough. AVAILABLE for 2011.

Small 3 in 1 sideshow attraction with mermaid, Bigfoot, and “deadly spiders” (Tarantulas, scorpions etc.)

“Snake Hunter” 4-6 minute display suitable for smaller bigtop includes giant snakes and deadly diamondbacks handled by “snake hunter” in center of ring or at ring curb. Great lead up to reptile picture pitch. Already displaying a giant snake on your midway? No problem, can reframe your display for a rare albino rattlesnake to keep your pits how earning.

“Deadly Escape” Illusion 5 minutes +. Mailbag escape with a twist. Live venomous snakes are loaded into the bag with escape artist.

And of course I try to be generally useful in all areas of a show from marketing, media, tickets, animal supervision to announcing. Email mudshowmedia at yahoo dot com

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