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Thursday, September 30, 2010 

Hollywood legend Tony Curtis is dead at 85. When I was a kid in the 1960's Curtis was a bit too over the top insofar as movie stars goes -- no Steve McQueen, or Newman. But in 1956 Curtis paired with Burt Lancaster in the Carol Reed film Trapeze, still one of the greatest of circus movies -- a bit of cinema that brought Lancaster back to circus, the entertainment where he got his start long before he was a leading man. So tonight I'll watch Trapeze and bid Curtis a fond fare thee well.

Tony Curtis had to have a stand in, Lancaster did his own stunt work. Great showman. He used to do a perch pole act, his partner,the understander, (who's name I forget) was Greek and had a strong accent, he always played in Lancasters Pirate Movies ( like: The Crimson Pirate) as a mute pirate who had his tongue cut out.
Lancaster and Curtis also starred in another Movie calles "Sweet Smell of Success".

Thanks for mentioning Tony Curtis and Trapeze. It's a long-forgotten flick.

BTW - had a great time catching KM in the Chicago burbs. Best mud show out there, IMHO.

Paul H.

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