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Sunday, August 29, 2010 

Cool this morning. As much as it would be nice to think otherwise, summer is winding down. At the New York State Fair in Syracuse I'm sure it still felt like summer, but at the little Trumansburg Fair, even yesterday, with temps in the '80's a glance at the trees with their leaves turning and it was clear that autumn is on its way. Watching the RIX BEARS at Trumansburg has been fun.

Sad week in circus. BJ Hebert on Culpepper sent the obituary for Ron Pace, who died in Phoenix earlier this week. Ron and his wife Chris were the wonderful aerial performers, Sugar and Spice, and before that Ron was an elephant guy -- and he maintained a nice online elephant site. Ron was only 58.

On Kelly Miller the young of the cats in Casey Cainan's tiger act, a little male called Raja was euthanized after a series of seizures or strokes. Casey rescues his cats from picture operations, and whatever the immediate cause of Raja's neurological symptoms, bad genetics probably played a role. That said he, he was a nice little cat much loved by KM audiences this season.

Would you list the site address for Mr. Pace's on line elephant site so I can see before it gets taken down? Thank you Sara


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