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Thursday, July 22, 2010 

Wrote the other day about the conundrum of Worker's Compensation on circus, particularly in a state like New York -- where the legisl;ature never met a new rule they didn't like. Several State agencies have their hearts set on making circus tough in the Empire State, witness the Dept of Ag & Markets using rules intended for fairs to surtail elephant rides. However no single agency has quite the clout afforded the Dept of Labor in NY -- which seems to regulate the outdoor amusement business under the guise of worker safety. Ever wonder why a NYS permit requires an architectural drawing of the bigtop, and every town is a teachable moment for inspectors? It's all in ARTICLE 27 of the State Labor Code, Subsection 870. The only good news, tents seating fewer than 300 people and seats less than 30" high get a pass. Want to know why it takes a consultant to help wade through NYS regulation... Try actually reading Article 27 Subsection 870. Hint, coffee up.

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