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Tuesday, December 15, 2009 

Tompkins County Library system, in their wisdom seems to block FACEBOOK. Denied the single biggest time-waster of this winter season, I reckon I ought to blog. (It's that or watch circus videos...I believe the kid's section of the library might have Toby Tyler... if it isn't politically incorrect.) I've babbled a bit about newspapers lately, and my general feeling that print media has become a deep hole in which advertising money is wasted, except in select markets. Certainly that raises the legtimate question -- what does work? For small shows television buys are almost out of the question, and even if some cable systems sell reasonable packages, does it do a lot of good to advertise a circus at 2AM on the Golf Channel? Television works best in major markets for shows with deep pockets, or when it's aimed strictly at a Hispanic audience. Radio is rather more forgiving on the budget, particularly for small shows playing rural areas, or again shows narrow-casting to a particular ethnic audience. Where radio is wasted may be English language pitches in the mid-sized to large markets. Stations with significant audience share aren't cheap in those markets, and lesser stations can drive box office. You got to love the smaller communities in the west and southwest where a hundred spots can be bought for a fraction of what air time can cost in a large market.

Time to look for Toby Tyler

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