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Thursday, November 05, 2009 

Looks like home is going to be Freeville, NY -- just outside Dryden and not far from Ithaca. After oh-so-many--years in California, I need to buy a snow shovel.    Only a short drive up the road to Homer, NY and the site of the old Sig Sautelle winterquarters -- a significant show in its day.  I think that these days traditional shows seem to avoid Ithaca when routing the summer campaign, perhaps fearful that such a liberal college town is a haven for activists.  But it's also a family friendly town and it was a staple for Franzen Bros.

News out of Enid, OK where an elephants walked away from the Family Fun Circus at the fairgrounds and collided with an SUV on RT 81.  Fortunately little damage to vehicle or elephant.  No need to go into whose elephant or how it happened.  Bad enough that somebody has to explain that to APHIS.  The media always sees things like this as a "humorous" story, but it's hard to laugh when you have to answer for it.

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