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Wednesday, November 04, 2009 

Driving west from the Finger Lakes to western Pennsylvania late last night ran through rain, freezing rain, and a bit of snow.  Winter's kiss as it were.  We've found a home in Freeville, NY -- just east of Ithaca.  Should cost a fortune to heat.  

It's been many years since I spent a winter in the east, or in the cold.  In California, the warm part anyway, even in the winter when the rains come -- drive an hour and somebody has a circus under a tent.  I've seen Hispanic shows play Salinas in January when there's frost on the grass.   From a distance, in a warm clime it's easy to forget how show biz troupes on through the winter even in the snow.  The big indoor shows, the Shrine dates, the regional school shows, or Jose Cole playing hickey arenas.  And if you're not an absolute purist, and excuse to pop corn, spin floss, or hawk novelties or pitch books means you're working...whether there are clowns or donkey basketball players.  

Winter, I'm telling myself, is just another season.