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Saturday, December 26, 2009 

Now there's a mud show.

Happy Holiday season to all and a marvelous 2010!

Hello! Been following your blog for a while. Have a question. What is the difference between the Shriners El-Almien circus and a circus like Kelly Miller?


Hi Ben:

Nancy and I wish you and your son very Happy Holidays also.

Barry & Nancy Miller

We had a green, rainy, dark and dismal Christmas in SE Michigan. I hope you didn't get completely buried in all that snow I've been seeing on TV newscasts. How about some more posts regarding effective small circus advertising?

I just discovered your blog. I have booked every Culpepper date since 2002, most Kelly Miller dates from 1999-2002 (including the first New York dates] and before that most of the Allen Bros dates. It is good to hear from someone on the show itself. Keep up the good work.

LOVE this midway photo. I believe it's one of the Silverlake family enterprises (i.e. Clark & Walters, Fisher Bros., etc.)

All the best to you and yours this holiday season. Looking forward to seeing you down the road in '10.


Yep. Silverlake. I believe Fisher Bros.

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