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Sunday, December 27, 2009 

Joe Scarborough the former Florida Congressman turned conservative/libertarian television host asks, or used to ask at the end of his morning show… What, if anything, did we learn today? That’s always a pretty good question. And I found myself thinking about that question on Christmas Day when we made a family trek to a Cineplex to see the new 3D film AVATAR. Avatar, it should be noted to triumph of computer generated images and animation. Every few years a new film raises the FX bar, and this is one one them. It’s a technological success even if it’s rather lame storytelling with a preachy message borrowed from a Captain Planet cartoon. But what impressed me about AVATAR was the ticket price. $13.50 to see a movie. And of course $6 for a bucket of corn. We really have reached that point where it’s sometimes less expensive to see live performers in a circus, professionals, some taking genuine risks…than it is to see a Hollywood blockbuster. And that could be a selling point, particularly for a small show. Family Fun For Less Than The Price Of A Movie looks pretty good on a ticket or poster. And it should, circus is a better value, and something to remember long after the simple storyline of Avatar. Boy meets native girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy defeats Marines and mining company to save the rainforests…

Hope you have a happy festive season Ben, and that you and yours enjoy a great 2010.

Good to see you Yanks are catching up!

We've used the "Cheaper than the Movies" tag for years.

Steve, I remember even 20 years ago thinking that a trip to the cinema in Oz was so costly, I really hated it when the film was something I didn't much like.

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