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Monday, September 07, 2009 

Sunday Sept 6th, 2009. Carlinville, IL. 25 miles. Grass. Overcast.

Lot and license date at the fairgrounds. Two more days in Illinois.

Saturday Sept. 5th, 2009. Mount Olive, IL. 65 miles. Grass. Rain.

Wet day. Small shows on a holiday weekend. Freightliner pulling the candy wago took out a buck on the jump thbis morning. Some front end damage and the leak in the fuel canister. Late to the lot. Union organizer Mother Mary Jones is buried in a bleak cemetery here on the edge of town.

Friday Sept 4th, 2009. Blue Mound, IL. 35 miles. Grass. Warm.

Through much of this week we’ve enjoyed the kind of strong business that reminds us that small town circus is alive and well, still much loved by children young and young at heart.

Thursday Sept 3rd, 2009. Pawnee, IL. 70 miles. Grass. Warm

Wednesday Sept 2nd, 2009. Lovington, IL. 60 miles. Grass. Warm.

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