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Wednesday, September 02, 2009 

Wednesday September 2nd, 2009. Lovington, IL. 75 miles. Grass. Warm.

Good shows yesterday. We’re aiming for Missouri now. Very small town today outside Decatur. I seem to recall that Decatur was an important town for the Yankee Robinson Circus in the years after the Civil War. The Yank was among the best known showmen of his day, and once toured the largest circus on the road in the years before the railroad shows. By the 1870’s he’d fallen on hard times, rebounding shortly before his death when he partners with a group of brothers named Ringling.

End of the season is no longer a vague outline on the horizon. It's palpable and near.

Universoul opens tonight (Wednesday 9-2) in Milwaukee for the weekend. They generally draw quite well through bulk ticket tie-ins, etc. and catering to the sizable minority community. Unfortunately, we won't be able to attend.

Speaking of Yankee Robinson, did you know he died on the road that first season w-the Ringlings and is buried in Jefferson, Iowa.

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