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Wednesday, September 02, 2009 

Monday August 31, 2009. Farmer City, IL. 45 miles. Mowed field. Cool.

Weather is supposed to warm up later in the week. Mornings still pretty chilly. Host here put us on an out of the way lot and forgot the part about selling tickets.

Farmer City, put a show there this summer. Fairgrounds right near the middle of town. Cold date. No free kids ticket laydown, just a midway discount coupon. First show, 3.4 house, second show almost full.

Played the fairgrounds. Manager was a prick to deal with. Tried for a cut of the box after first show. Didn't happen. Good day though.

What show? We never heard about another show. Fairgrounds get paid?

Liebling Brothers Circus. Fairgrounds got paid.

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