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Tuesday, August 25, 2009 

Tuesday August 25th. Hampshire, IL. 40 miles. Grass. Warm.

Early morning jump through commuter traffic. For a small town circus jumps through urban areas are a change of pace. Circus fans were waiting on the lot with donuts and coffee. My son Robin returns to the show tomorrow. We are nearly three quarters of the way through the season and it’s time to start thinking about winter.

Monday August 24th. Richmond, IL. 92 miles. Grass. Warm.

So now we’re in Illinois beginning five days around Chicagoland. For Hugo based shows the Chicago suburbs are a Mecca generally promising reasonable business after the traditional summer duldrums. Carson & Barnes is nearby, and Kelly Miller will arive in the area and stay for several weeks when August becomes September. Weather is warmer after the cold spell in WI. Perfect circus days.

Sunday August 23rd, 2009. Marshall, WI. 50 miles. Grass. Sunny, cool.

Another chilly morning. The geese are beginning to fly south across Wisconsin One man told me, “When the geese are flying and it’s still August, the leaves will begin changing in a couple more weeks, then it’ll frost.” The circus chases the spring northward across March and April, then chases summer. Now it seems that the autumn is already chasing us. The Fisher King, the mythic lord of seasons born when the snow melts and old and in his grave when the winter returns is turning gray. Tomorrow we turn south into Illinois and in ten days Missouri. Henceforth more or less we move in the direction of Hugo, Oklahoma.

Since Culpepper will close in Texas
how about some route ahead so we can may plans to visit the show.
Instead of missing the show as OH I did not know they played that town or missed it by a day.
You know some of us fans love the circus and love to visit but it looks like some owners do not care about us fans until they need help then they call us to bale tehm out of a tight spot.
Harry Kingston
Circus Fans of America

Enjoyed seeing you and the show again. It's a bit like a class reunion visiting C&M. Safe travels.

Harry, the route for the last weeks is still a bit vague. We know we want to go back and play the Panhandle towns we lost to snow, like Canadian. I imagine we'll play some additional TX towns to get there and back. I'll post the route for the last few weeks when I have it.

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