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Sunday, September 13, 2009 

Sunday August 13th, 2009. Lincoln, MO. 35 miles. Mowed field. Cooler temps.

The leaves on the trees are changing everywhere now, even as we move south and west. Towns beginning to look more western than midwestern. We'll be in Oklahoma in a week.

Interesting to note. When we opened in March the feeling was that this season we would need to replace three trucks through the course of the year. To date, we replaced one truck in New Mexico in April, and rebuilt a transmission on another in Oregon. Looks like most of vehicles will make it back to WQ. Kudos to mechanic Scott Moss.

Saturday Sept. 12th. Versailles, MO. 75 miles. Grass. Warm.

We're ona fairgrounds lot next door to a flea market. Huge day here several years ago. Rather more modest today. David Stilts Valponi left the show today going home to California. Stilts has spend July and August on the CM show for twenty years. His good humor will be missed until he returns next season.

Friday September 11th, 2009. Linn, MO. 35 miles. Grass. Warm, humid.

Strong shows in Linn. Just as historically August sees a slowdown in show business September sees an uptick. The last several weeks have confirmed that. Schools are back in session and the crowds are bigger over all.

Have enjoyed reading your blog along with those of Kelly Miller personnel. What are the plans for the winter? Travel? Relax?

Winter plans... Need to find a job ASAP!!!

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