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Thursday, August 06, 2009 

Garner, IA. 30 miles. Grass lot. Overcast, chance of rain tonight.

Good shows yesterday and finally a per cap that wasn't down right embarrassing. Full moon rose over the corn fields next to the lot -- absolutely beautiful. We're in that part of Iowa ... Mason City...Clear Lake, where the ghost of Buddy Holly still lingers in the air. Drove through Forest City on the jump and looked at the acres of Winnebago RVs at the factory and thought that in a recession like this one it most be hard to sell a motorhome or trailer.

You're trouping through my old stomping grounds. Mason City is hometown of noted composer Meredith Willson. "The Music Man" River City, Iowa locale was based on that.

His humorous lyrics concerning Iowans still ring true.

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