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Wednesday, August 05, 2009 

Mills Lake, Iowa. 40 miles. Gravel. Warm.

We'll be in northeastern Iowa for the next ten or eleven days.

Ben: With so many towns and hamlets on your route, what makes any one town--or lot--distinguishable? I've always been fascinated by seeing route books chock full of names that seem to go by in a blur.
Lane Talburt

Lane, early in the season you remember all of the towns, later they're harder to distinguish. Maybe one place has a great bar or coffehouse, another has fine old homes. Some you want to forget as quickly as possible. What makes me laugh is when I pull onto a lot and it suddenly dawns on me that I've been there before with somebody else. I guess it's no surprise that recalling bad lots is easier than recalling average lots. On bad lots the day always seems so much longer.

It always cracks me up to read Bens Blog because I can picture every lot (ok 98%) after all the years on CM

LOL. And here of course lots are recalled with comments like... "This is the place where Casey tried to dump his shitter tank into buckets." Or, "There a bar around the corner where Casey would always go to shoot pool."

This is the lot where Casey told Shorty to dump his shitter tank with buckets, but shorty thought a drum liner was a better idea,,,LOL

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