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Friday, July 24, 2009 

Friday. Braham, MN. 85 miles. Grass, wet. Warm.

Hard rains last night. We had to pull three trucks off the lot this morning. Yesterday's shows were sparse. Circus fan and blogger "Dan The Booker" visited for the first show. We're out of the lakes country and closing in on the Twin Cities again. Tomorrow we'll be in the suburbs. Braham is a new town for us today.


Glad to finally meet you. I thought the show was pretty decently priced. Cheapest adult ticket Ive seen all year.
A few notes. I thought the show was good. Has a lot of character. I think another animal act couldnt hurt. Dogs come to mind, though a nice big and little could be a nice finisher too. Jessie Wonderfool is a diamond in the rough. With her fresh acts and original character, she really adds a nice touch. Of course you cant say anything about C And M And not mention the tent. Is it worn? Yeah. Is it tattered? Yeah. But it serves it's purposes just fine. Hats off to Trey for frying it down the road.

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