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Saturday, July 25, 2009 

Saturday July 25th. Hugo, MN. 55 miles. Overcast and cool.

Long time sponsor in a town that has tradtional been good for this show. We expect a nice day.

This has nothing to do with circus, or maybe everything. In Britain Harry Patch has died at the age of 111. Mr. Patch was last living British veteran of the First World War. That means that Mr. Patch was a child when James Bailey toured his Barnum show through Europe. On many shows including CM we include some form of Patriotic Salute during the performance. It's a bit like singing the National Anthem at a baseball game. Sometimes I think we forget when we're saluting our soldiers, our veterans that it isn't their service to our country that we're recalling. We are saluting the history they embody as well. We talk sometimes about "traditional circus" and we're proud of the long lineage that represents. Perhaps as much as any institution circus is a time machine traveling through history and observing the present. I would hope that at some point in his long life that Mr. Patch enjoyed a circus, because the history he represented marked an era that circus remembers. Likewise for the conflicts that have followed. At any given show we may see veterans of the Second World War, the Korean Conflict, Viet Nam, the Gulf War, and our present conflicts in Iran and Afghanistan. We hope they understand that we appreciate their service. We hope we will never forget that history touched them, as it has touched us.

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