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Saturday, August 15, 2009 

Saturday August 15th, 2009. Cascade, IA. 55 miles. Plowed field. Warm, slight chance of showers.

Original lot in Cascade was in a park near the center of town, but low wires looked like a problem. Lot moved to a field behind an industrial park. This is our final date in Iowa. Like MN many Iowa towns have given us respectable ticket sales – some excellent – but overall per cap spending on concessions, novelties, midway attractions etc. Have been disappointing. Per caps are where we really see the impact of the Recession. It may not all be economics... Early in the season when we were forced to pull a rental generator the decision was made to leave the pony ride at home. Now I suspect if we had the ponies more people would leave the tent during intermission, boosting midway revenues and concessions alike. Moon bounces simply lack the allure of ponies.

Yesterday was the 89th anniversary of the birth of Big John Strong in Jamestown, NY. Actor, concessions operator, king of the small indoor shows in the west in the 1960’s, and 70’s, and ultimately a legendary high grass circus owner – John Strong was beloved and never afraid to put his name on his show.

Today’s the birthday of our own conessions manager and show announcer, clown college alum and long time performer Jim “BJ” Hebert. Twenty-nine seasons under the bigtop and still with it and for it.

I can see that this was a most uneventful day
You spilled hot coffee in your lap just as you started to post! :-).

I look forward to your posts each and every day.


Ben, I definately agree that the moonbounces don't have the drawing power of pony rides and certainly don't come close to elephant rides or even camel rides. Not today, anyways. When moonbounces can be found at every festival, fair, birthday party, or even back yard, people just don't get the same kicks out of them. Best of luck in Wisconsin, I have had two mudshows in there this year. Crowds are good, but again that per cap is quite unflattering!

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