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Monday, August 10, 2009 

Monday. Charles City, IA. 45 miles. Grass. Warm. Beautiful grass park.

Lovely little city on the river. Great lot. If only everyplace was this nice.

Sunday. Allison, IA. 35 miles. Rain, warm. Grass lot.

Butler County Fairgrounds. Poor ticket sales and big afternoon thunderstorms. Fair board members couldn't understand why their families weren't receiving free tickets courtesy of the show. Jumped in the evening after the second performance.

Saturday. Tripoli, IA. 85 miles. Grass. Muggy, very hot.

First really awful heat in quite awhile. Rain in the morning, but by afternoon the heat index approached 105 degrees F.

According to Circus History, in July of 1962 Little Bob Stevens brought his Sells Bros Circus to Tripoli. 80 foot tent with three 40 foot middles. Show featured Barbara and Buckles Woodcock.