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Friday, August 07, 2009 

Belmond, IA. 18 miles. Grass. Cool. Wet.

Good presale yesterday, but little gate. Local factory is working only 20 hours a week. Rains last night so we pulled off the lot after tear down. Here in Iowa I'm thinking about Jim Royal who has a home here. After the annual Kellys Island excitement he the Kelly Miller show will be looking forward to Chicago and autumn. Heavy rain on the jump here this morning. Lot on the banks of the Iowa River appears to be solid and well drained so far. Tomorrow the temps will soar into the 90's. First really hot summer weather we've seen in awhile.

Ben: Tried to reach you the mudshow@pacbell address but it bounced back. Wanted to see if you're heading for WI or northern IL after wandering the Hawkeye State.


Hi Paul. I'm using mudshowmedia at yahoo dot com for email these days. We'll be in WI after IA, then northern IL the last week of August.

8-24-09 Richmond, IL
8-25-09 Hampshire, IL
8-26-09 Malta, IL
8-27-09 Hinkley, IL
8-28-09 Summit, IL
8-29-09 Chatsworth, IL
8-30-09 Lexington, IL
8-31-09 Farmer City, IL

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