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Monday, May 18, 2009 

Jefferson, OR. 35 miles.  Middle school.  Grass. Warm and sunny.

What is the point of such short posts? Do it right or give it up please.

Damn... For years I've been told I wrote too much!

Short posts illustrate the route.

I could get long winded -- but what would you want me to write about? Blissfully quiet season.

Yeah Ben
I know even a large circus can have weeks on end without notable events to write about. It is in fact the reason I left the cat act with Carson and Barnes and moved on. Bored to death.
I always check the plethora of circus blogs and they all seem to be bogged down in the same chit chat day in and day out. No one's fault - but don't blame me for trying to shake you guys up.
Considering what can go wrong on a mud show, I'm happy things are 'blissfully quiet' as you say.
Check out my new book. "Wild Animal Circus, True tales from Carson & Barnes Circus". www.freewebs.com/circusdays2005 Regards, Dennis 'Dion' Younger

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