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Friday, April 18, 2008 

East Prairie, MO. 60 miles. Awakened this morning at 4:40 AM by a 5 plus magnitude earthquake. Nope, we aren't in California. The New Madrid fault in Missouri produces major quakes. Several aftershocks through the morning.

Grass/asphalt lot. Rain. Poor pre-sale.

Approaching Cairo, IL on this morning's jump it occurred to me that we have reconnected with the Mississipi, last seen in Louisiana on the edge of the mid-west, following sping into the farmlands and corn country. In Kentucky on Monday we will reach the apex of our travels east and turn west jumping toward summer in the mountains and on the high plains. A hundred and fifty years ago Yankee Robinson trooped through Missouri with the largest circus of his day, a one ring show with an enormous bandwagon with a forty horse hitch. Yankee Robinson could never compete with the railroad shows that followed, but the mid-west remains the heartland of the traditional American circus; and in his final season, in a small tent, the Yank partnered with five brothers from Baraboo, WI named Ringling. Long gone, by luck he is not forgotten in the damp spring sands of a lot near the great river, a boundary that defined so many western showmen.

ben, I started a blog. I'm calling it Random Circus. Just started it this morning. Take a look you may enjoy it, i have 10 photos of kelly miller in Missouri,


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