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Thursday, April 17, 2008 


ADDENDUM: It's used be said that when the circus leaves town, all that remains are wagon tracks and popcorn sacks, and memories. Today we try to clean up the popcorn sacks.

In the towns it's watching the tent go up that draws "children of all ages," but for me it's watching the tent go down in the darkness at the end of the day that elicits feeling. It's the great hollow space when the ring curbs are gone, the seats pulled, the sidewalls packed away, when the top sags and begins to settle as the quarter poles askew. In an hour it will all be gone. Every possibility that was today. Tomorrow's possibilities will have to wait for the next lot, for the perfect silence of the afternoon with the work is done, the props set, when the crews are napping and I can stand alone in the front door; when every bigtop no matter how new or worn is damned cathedral. Right here right now today was today and good or bad I wouldn't trade it for any other job in the world.

Greetings from the CFA Convention. Some 200 enthusiasts are gathered here to celebrate all things circus. While there is a lot of reverence for the old days, there is certainly a love and appreciation for the folks putting it up and taking it down and moving it in the here and now.

"Give me atmosphere!" said the editor. "Give me atmosphere!" And you have painted us a wonderful word picture of the circus, Ben. It's no wonder you love it so much. Lane

Amen to that from the front door of Big Apple Circus. A lot less mud on this show, but the magic is the same.

It's good to have your daily musings back on line.

Don Covington

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