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Tuesday, April 15, 2008 

Hayti, Missouri. 45 miles. Grass, sand lot. Warmer. Perfect circus weather.

ADDENDUM: Strong telephone sales, but disappointing advance sales by host. Sponsor decided quite on her own that she could sell kids tickets to seniors, then objected when we would not honor them. Standing in the show office with the Mayor of Hayti, she then accused me personally and the show in gneral of attempting to "Jew" her out of sixty-six dollars and seventy cents. I hadn't heard that one in a number of years, especially from an officer of a Chamber of Commerce.

Towners behaving badly.

Traveling societies tend to be insular societies not entirely trusting of outsiders. For eight months of the year a circus is made up of travelers. As much as townspeople like to talk of crooked carnies and shady outdoor amusements, more often than not it's traveling people and entertainers who are taken advantage of and abuse by locals. It doesn't happen a lot, but it does happen often enough to teach us to smile, and to charm, and to cross a sponsor or a town off the list of people and places we really want to revisit. And so another town won't see a circus for a while. Because a Chamber lady felt she was being "Jewed" out of sixty-six dollars.

I gave it to her out of my own pocket and asked for a reciept.

Hayti, MO, I can see why you would have a problem. I have some ex in-laws down that way. Ungrateful lot, and yes, generally bad behavior. Sorry you had such a rotten stay in that town.

I always thought once they got the casinos in there that they would leave their white trash/red neck ways behind, but I was obviously mistaken!

Can you post another route list? Tell us where you're going to over the next week or so? I'm hoping you'll get far enough north for me to drive down (I'm near St. Louis).

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